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Ready Mix Concrete Accrington

Are you seeking concrete services in Accrington?

At North West Ready Mix, we have a range of concreting service to suit every project and business, no matter how big or small.

We pride ourselves on our attentive customer service, as well as our high quality products and unbeatably affordable prices.

If you’re looking for a ready mixed concreting service with a difference, we can definitely help. Our concrete is delivered in a state of the art mixer at a time to suit you, so there’s no waiting around or wasting time.

There are many benefits of choosing our ready mixed concreting services in Cheshire, here’s a few to give you an idea:

Firstly, with North West Ready Mix, you only pay for what you lay. This means if you accidentally over order the amount of concrete you need, you will only actually pay for what you go on to use. This also applies if you don’t order enough concrete, as we can simply make some more there and then, so there are no delays with your project.

We are able to make up more concrete easily as our concrete arrives as a dry mix. Not only does fresh ready mix concrete give you extra time to start laying before it begins to set, it also allows you to add extra materials such as reinforcing fibres; this is useful to stop water damage and cracks appearing in the future, ensuring you get what you pay for.

We supply variations of ready mix concrete services for different types of projects; for domestic uses, like paths and driveways, we have a mix that leaves a smooth even finish. Our agricultural/commercial mix is designed to be extra strong, perfect for use on industrial projects such as roads and motorways.

Convinced? Remember to keep North West Ready Mix in mind for all ready mixed concreting services in Cheshire, you won’t be disappointed by what we have to offer!

If you’re planning a smaller project, barrow mixing is the service for you. Barrow mixed services are ideal for DIY jobs around the home or in a domestic setting; such as pathways, driveways and garage bases.

There are many benefits in choosing barrow mixing in Cheshire, from the high quality concrete to our amazing customer service, North West Ready Mix are leaders in barrow mix services.

We can barrow concrete up to 50 metres from the mixer, however we are not able to go up steep hills or gradients. You receive all the same benefits from barrow mixing as you do from our ready mixed services…
You can have a say in what extra materials are added to your concrete as it arrives in a dry mix; for example, if you need your concrete to be extra strong, we can add reinforcing fibres so you won’t have to worry about future water damage of cracking occurring.

Our dedicated team are experts of barrow mixing services; they go out of their way to be careful when transporting concreting, leaving no mess or spillages behind, meaning you don’t have to waste any time cleaning up.

If you accidentally over order your concrete, you only pay for what you lay. We aim to be as pocket pleasing as possible to our customers, giving you the materials and customer service for the best price.

To ensure your flooring if the best possible standard, floor screeding is essential. Without the addition of floor screed, your sub-floor could be lumpy and uneven, it is used to create a smooth, level surface which is the base for an even floor.

Although floor screed usually arrives in a bottle, at North West Ready Mix, we prepare our screed fresh on site, leaving you added time to begin working on your project. As it is mixed fresh, you can also have a say in the ratio of sand and cement that goes into your floor screeding, depending on how strong it needs to be.

If you’re seeking floor screeding in Cheshire, remember to keep us in mind!

No matter where you are in the M65 corridor, we will go out of our way to bring our concreting services to you. From Lancashire to Cheshire, Merseyside to Greater Manchester, we’re here to provide you with the best concreting services in Cheshire, due to our unbeatable prices and even better customer service.