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Ready Mix Concrete Chorley

Are you in need of quality concreting services in Chorley? Look no further than North Ready Ready Mix for everything from ready mixed concrete, floor screeding, barrow mixing and more…

No matter where you are in the north west, our dedicated team will deliver concrete to you. From Manchester to Yorkshire, Blackburn to Burnley, we’ll get concrete to you.

Let’s start with our most popular concreting solution: ready mixed concrete. Whether it’s a small DIY project or an industrial job on a larger scale, we can cater for you. Our main benefit is the fact you only pay for what you lay, so no matter how much you over or under order by, you won’t be paying for any materials you don’t use. Although most of our competitors only offer pre mixed concrete, we deliver our concrete as a dry mix, allowing you many benefits as well as minimal wastage.

The fact the concrete arrives as a dry mix allows you more time in laying and perfecting your concrete; as it’s fresh, there’s more time spent laying your surface ensuring there are no lumps and bumps. On top of the extra time, the dry mix also allows you the opportunity to add extra materials to the mix: for example, if you need your surface to be extra strong, you can add reinforcing fibres to the mix to ensure it is extra tough.

We deliver your concrete in our state of the art mixer, which has a capacity of 10 cubic metres, allowing you to order a massive bulk of concrete at a time, meaning there’s no hanging about waiting for extra deliveries.

Now you’ve seen all the benefits, will you consider our ready mixed concreting services in Chorley?

However, if you’re planning a project on a smaller domestic scale, such as a garden renovation, we also offer barrow mixing concrete services in Chorley. Barrow mixing is ideal for anyone looking to concrete an area off limits to a large industrial mixer – our dedicated team will barrow your concrete to the area, giving you the exact quantity you need, avoiding leaving any mess of wasted concrete behind.

No matter if you over or under order your barrow mixed concrete, you will only pay for what you lay with North West Ready Mix. Our team will go out of their way to barrow mix your concrete to the desired location, providing it isn’t further than 50 metres or up a steep hill or gradient.

Barrow mixed concrete has all the benefits our ready mixed concrete has, so you can ensure you’re receiving the same great service.

Finally, another popular service we offer is floor screeding in Chorley. Floor screed is ideal for those looking to make their surface tougher and smoother; the unique mix is perfect for surfaces that will receive heavy traffic during their life, reducing the risk of water damage or cracking.

Floor screed is a mix of sand and cement, used as a top layer to create a smooth finish. At North West Ready Mix, we give you the opportunity to decide the materials that go into your screed, as unlike many competitors it doesn’t arrive on site pre-mixed.

As our screed mix is fresh, it also gives you extra time to begin laying before it begins to set, allowing you extra time to perfect your concreting.

No matter which of our concreting services you need, you won’t be disappointed by the amazing quality of our products and the dedication of our service. At North West Ready Mix, we pride ourselves as being the best in the business, providing the best concreting services in Chorley and everywhere else in the north west!