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Ready Mix Concrete Greater Manchester

Are you in the building industry or into DIY?

At North West Ready Mix, we can help you with all your concreting needs.

We have a massive range of concreting solutions to suit every task, no matter how big or small. As one of the biggest competitors of ready mix concrete services, we pride ourselves on providing you with the highest quality materials at the best price.

It doesn’t matter if you’re constructing a large railway project or humble driveway, we can tailor a concreting solution around you. Whether you’re in Lancashire, North Wales, Chester or Greater Manchester, we can deliver concrete to you.

If you’re about to start a large project, our ready mix concrete service is ideal for you. Each service is tailored to different sized projects, but our ready mix concrete is universally popular.

Our ready mixed concrete in Greater Manchester is unique to our competitors, not only do we mix our concrete fresh on site, you only pay for what you lay, as opposed to paying for wasted concrete…

You only pay for what you lay means our services are ultimately pocket friendly – it doesn’t matter if you accidentally over order or under order concrete, you will only pay for what you use. As we mix our concrete fresh on site, no concrete ends up getting wasted, which is not only kind to your budget, it’s also kind to the environment.

Our mixer can deliver up to ten cubic metres of concrete at one time, enabling you to have to have head start with your project, saving time and money.

As we mix our concrete there and then on site, this allows extra time before the concrete begins to set, so you have no excuse for not perfecting your ready mix concrete! The fact it arrives on site as a dry mix also allows you to add additional raw materials to the mix; for example, if the area will receive a lot of traffic in its lifetime, reinforcing fibres can be added to strengthen the concrete, minimising the chance of water damage and cracking in the future.

With all this in mind, will you be considering our ready mixed concreting service is Greater Manchester?

Another one of our popular concreting services is barrow mixing in Greater Manchester. Barrow mixing is ideal for small to medium sized projects, which are usually in a domestic or household setting – such as driveways, pathways and garage bases.

Barrow mixing is very simple; you still get all the benefits of our ready mixed services, but it is delivered to the targeted site by our dedicated team using wheelbarrows. We can transfer concrete upto 50m, as long as it isn’t up a steep hill or gradient.
Concrete is delivered to your door using our state of the art mixer, which can deliver up to 50 cubic metres at one time. The concrete arrives on site as a try mix, so if you are considering barrow mixing services in Greater Manchester, you can have your say in what additional materials are to your concrete. If you thinking your concrete will receive heavy traffic during its life, you can add reinforcing fibres to the mix to ensure minimal cracking and water damage in the future.

Our dedicated team guarantee expert customer service, with no concrete spillage or mess left for you to clean up afterwards.

As we mix our barrow mixing services on site when we arrive, this allows you a head start in laying your concrete before it begins to set, leaving you more time to perfect your concrete.

Our barrow mixing service in Greater Manchester is also available in and around the north west, including; Blackburn, Bolton, Preston, Warrington, Burnley and many other towns and cities surrounding Lancashire.

If you’re looking for a service to create optimum flooring that will last for years, we supply floor screed in Greater Manchester for impeccably low costs.

Floor screed is an important factor in creating a strong floor, without it, your floor could end up lumpy and uneven due to a poor subfloor surface. If you want a good quality, solid base, floor screeding is essential. Screed is a cement like material which is applied to create a smooth, level surface.

Although screed is usually pre mixed and arrives in a bottle, we mix our screed on site for you, allowing you to add extra materials if you need your screed to be extra strong. As it’s fresh, it also gives you extra time to start laying and perfecting, meaning you can achieve a truly perfect floor.

No matter what service you need, here at North West Ready Mix we are here to help you achieve the best concreting as possible. From ready mix concrete in Greater Manchester to floor screed and barrow mix, just remember, you only pay for what you lay!