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Ready Mix Concrete Liverpool

Planning an upcoming project in need of concrete? At North West Ready Mix, we have loads of concreting solutions to help you on your way to completing a high quality and durable concreting project.

Perfect for large and small projects; from small DIY jobs to those on a large industrial scale, each one of our concreting services are here to help you complete your jobs quickly and easily.

As one of the leading concrete suppliers in Liverpool and around the north west, we pride ourselves on providing the highest standard products and services in the concreting industry.

Let’s start with our ready mixed concreting service, which is ideal for concreting projects of all sizes. From garage bases to fence posts and driveways, our ready mixed concrete is subtle for tonnes of jobs. One things that makes us stand out from our competitors is the fact you only pay for the concrete you lay, meaning you won’t waste any money on unused products.

Another unique factor about our concreting services is the fact we mix your concrete in front of you on site, which has numerous benefits… Not only does the fresh concrete mix allow you more time to perfect your work, it also gives you the opportunity to add extra materials to your mix. For example, if you need your concrete to be extra strong, we can add reinforcing fibres to the mix to ensure you get the longest life out of your concrete as possible. This is perfect for driveways and other hard wearing surfaces that will receive plenty of traffic during their lifetime, however with North West Ready Mix, you won’t have to worry about your concrete getting damaged or looking tired.

We will deliver the best ready mixed concrete service in Liverpool and around the north west, helping you as much as possible with your project.

We will deliver each of our concreting services in our state of the art mixer, which can hold up to 10 cubic meters of ready mix at one time, meaning there’s no going back and forth for extra deliveries.

However, if you’re planning a smaller project, maybe a back yard renovation or other household DIY, we offer a barrow mixed concrete service in Liverpool that would be perfect for you. Barrow mix is the same high quality ready mixed concrete, simply transported in a barrow to reach smaller residential areas, to take out as much fuss as possible for you. Our dedicated team promise to be as time efficient and tidy as possible, allowing you extra time to lay your fresh concrete.

We also offer floor screeding services in Liverpool, which are great for those looking to add a smooth look to their concreted area. We offer an excellent floor screeding service in Liverpool, guaranteed to give you a project to be proud of. Screed is simply a mix of sand and cement, which we mix fresh for you, to allow you to change the ratio to meet your specifications. Floor screed is ideal for preventing cracks and damage in the future, minimising any signs of damage or wear. However, we are unique for mixing our screed fresh, as most companies deliver it pre packaged in bottles.

No matter what concreting service you require, at North West Ready Mix, you know you’ll be receiving the best service for the best prices, with no excess cement wasted – as friendly to the pocket as we are to the environment!

So, for the best concreting services in Liverpool and all around the north west, remember to keep us in mind.