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Ready Mix Concrete Nelson

Nelson is a small town on the outskirts of Burnley in the Pendle area of Lancashire. At North West Ready Mix, we deliver ready mix concreting to Nelson and many other North West areas.

No matter what concreting solution you’re searching for, we can help you with any upcoming project, no matter how big or small it is.

Our concreting services are built around you, with the aim of providing the best service for the best possible price. We believe in the fact you only pay for what you lay, so no matter how much concrete you order, you will only pay for the amount you use.

If you need ready mix concrete in Nelson, we will go out of our way to provide you with the most attentive customer service as possible so you can get your project finished as quickly as possible. It doesn’t matter if your project is a small DIY job or an industrial motorway reconstruction; we will have a service to suit you.

Our catalogue of concreting services are all designed around you; from barrow mixed concrete in Nelson to Floor Screeding in Nelson, you won’t be disappointed by the services on offer.

Maybe it’s a small project you’re planning, such as a garage base or new path or driveway… If you’re a homeowner with a small garden, our barrow mixing services in Nelson are ideal for you. Barrow mixing combines all the qualities of our ready mixed services with excellent customer service…

If you are considering barrow mixing, you will still only pay for what you lay, so if you order too much concrete accidentally, you won’t have to pay extra.

Like our other services, the concrete arrives on site as a dry mix and is mixed in front of you freshly, so you’ll have more time to perfect your concreting before it begins to set. If you live in an area the mixer will struggle to reach, our dedicated team will barrow loads of concrete to the desired site to make your project a whole lot easier.

However, if you’re planning a large concreting project, our ready mixed concreting services in Nelson will suit you. We mix our concrete freshly on site so you’ll have bags of time to neaten up your concrete before it begins to set.

Another benefit of mixing concrete on site is the ability to add extra ingredients into the concrete before it is mixed. For example, you could add strengthening fibres if the area you’re concreting will experience high volumes of traffic during its lifetime.

The main benefit of our ready mixed concrete in Nelson is you will only pay for what you lay. If you order your concrete, you will only pay for what you use. Whereas if you under order, we can simply whip up some more concrete there and then, as we always pack extra dry mix just in case more is needed – saving time going back to site and re delivering another day.

At North West Ready Mix, we also offer floor screeding in Nelson. If you’re undergoing a project which requires a high quality level floor with no lumps or bumps, floor screeding is essential. Screed is a cement like material which plays a part in bonding, as well as controlling moisture.

Floor screeding is a mix of sand and cement; as it’s mixed on site, we can change the ratio to suit your needs. We can also add extra materials such as reinforcing fibres to strengthen your floor to prevent it cracking in the future.

At Northwest Ready Mix, we also have a range of other services to suit your needs. On top of popular ready mixed and barrow mixed services, we also supply: foam concrete in Nelson, liquid screed in Nelson and concrete pumping in Nelson.

All concrete is mixed in our state of the art volumetric mixers, which have proven to be successful in the longevity of mixed concrete.

So if you’re in need of concreting services in Nelson, North West Ready Mix is here waiting to help you with your next concrete, no matter what size!