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Ready Mix Concrete Oldham

Looking for a concreting service in Oldham? Look no further than North West Ready Mix…

If you’re a member of the construction industry or planning a home DIY project, we can cater for all your concreting needs. From our unbeatable ready mixed concrete to floor screeding and even foam concrete, we have a huge range of services to help you along your way to concreting perfection.

As one of the leading suppliers of ready mixed concreting services in Oldham and the North West, we are proud to supply you with the highest quality materials at affordable prices, without having to compromise on amazing customer service.

If you’re considering a ready mixed concrete service, here’s a little on how North West Ready Mix can benefit you…

No matter how big or small your project is, you will only ever pay for what you lay. Our unique guarantee means if you order too much concrete, you won’t have to pay for what’s left over – similarly, if you underestimate how much concrete you need, we can mix you some more right there and then.

How can we follow ‘you only pay for what you lay’ so easily? Well, at North West Ready Mix, we mix our concrete when we arrive at the site, instead of pre mixing. This has numerous benefits; as the mix is freshly made there and then, it allows you more time to lay your concrete perfectly before it begins to set, so there’s no excuse for lumpy concrete…

Another hidden benefit of our ready mixed concreting services is the ability to add extra materials into your concrete mix. If your concrete will receive plenty of traffic during its lifetime, you can add strengthening fibres to the mix to ensure extra durability from your concrete.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a motorway or a driveway, we’ll go out of our way to make your concreting project run smoothly. We can deliver up to 10 cubic metres of concrete at one time, so you’ll be able to get on with your project quickly and easily. No matter how which concreting service in Oldham you desire, our dedicated workman will go out of their way to help you get started.

If you’re undergoing a small DIY project, possibly in a garden or yard, it’d be pretty difficult to squeeze a huge mixer into the area – This is when barrow mixing services in Oldham come in.

Barrow mixing is ideal for small and medium sized projects, typically in a domestic setting. You still get all the benefits of our ready mixed services, the only difference is it’s transferred in barrows.

Whether it’s a driveway, pathway or garage base, we can barrow concrete up to 50m to the chosen site, saving you loads of time having to move it yourself. Our dedicated team will move the concrete quickly and neatly, saving you time having to clean up and messes or spillages.

Similar to ready mixed concrete services, we mix concrete on the site fresh at barrow mixed concreting projects, allowing you extra time to perfect you concrete. Also, at North West Ready Mix, you’ll only pay for what you lay!

If you want to achieve a good quality sub-floor without any lumps or bumps, floor screeding in Oldham is worth considering…

Screed is a cement like material which is applied to floors to create a smooth finish – it also plays a big part in moisture control and bonding.

Unlike many of our competitors, we make our screed fresh on site, instead of it arriving in a pre mixed bottle. As we mix floor screeding on site, this allows you to add any reinforcing fibres you may need, especially if your floor will receive heavy traffic during its lifetime.Reinforcing polypropylene fibres will reduce the possibility of cracking in the future, which could lead to everything from water damage to an uneven surface.

No matter which concreting service you require, North West Ready Mix provides the highest standard concreting materials and services throughout the north west. From Lancashire to Yorkshire and all the way to Merseyside, we will go out of our way to get our services to you. If you need concreting services in Oldham, we will be here.