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Ready Mix Concrete Rossendale

Are you from Lancashire and in need of concreting services?

Here at North West Ready Mix, we have a huge range of concreting solutions to help you with any project, big or small.

From floor screed to foam concrete, barrow mix and ready mixed concrete, you won’t be disappointed by our high quality products at incredibly affordable prices.

If you’re in need of ready mixed concrete in Rossendale, we deliver all up and down the M65 corridor. Our ready mix services are unrivalled, offering you the best concrete for the best price.

No matter how big or small your project is, from a motorway makeover to a DIY garage base, we can help you achieve the best finish with our ready mixed concrete.

We deliver concrete in our state of the art mixer, which can carry loads of up to 10 cubic metres. The huge loads mean there’s less time going back and forth, meaning you can get your job started as soon as possible.

Another benefit of ready mixed concrete in Rossendale is you only pay for what you lay, so if you accidentally order too much or too little, you’ll only pay for the amount of concrete you use; limiting waste and cost!

As we mix concrete fresh when we arrive at the site, you’ll have plenty of time to start laying and perfecting before the concrete begins to set.

If your concrete will receive heavy amounts of traffic during its lifetime, why not add reinforcing fibres to your ready mix concrete? As our concrete is delivered in a dry mix, you have the freedom to choose which materials are added to the mixture; if you don’t want your concrete to crack or show signs of water damage in future, reinforcing your concrete is paramount to long lasting success.

We have two default ready mixes available; our domestic ready mix is designed for use around the home, specifically paths, driveways and garage bases. Whereas our agricultural and commercial mix is extra strong, designed for heavy duty industrial tasks.

It doesn’t matter if you’re undergoing a small domestic job such as piling and foundations, or large agricultural heavy duty tasks, our ready mix concrete in Rossendale is up for any challenge.

Another North West Ready Mix concrete solution is barrow mixing in Rossendale, ideal for small to medium sized projects.

Barrow mixing still has all the perks of our ready mixed service, it’s simply delivered to the exact site in barrows by our dedicated team of staff. We can move concrete from the mixer to the site up to 50m away; our team go out of their way to minimise spillages and mess, so there’s no time wasted cleaning up afterwards.

With barrow mixing services, you only pay for what you lay, it doesn’t matter if you order or under over concrete, at North West Ready Mix, we’ll only charge you for what you go on to use, saving you money and minimal wastage.

As our concrete arrives on site as a dry mix, you can choose exactly what goes into it. If your concrete will receive heavy traffic over its lifetime, you can add reinforcing fibres to strengthen the mix and minimise the threat of future cracking or water damage.

Although we can’t barrow loads up hills or gradients, we will go out of our way to provide you with the best customer service we can offer when it comes to barrow mix services in Rossendale.

If you’re looking for a product to create a perfect floor, our floor screeding service in Rossendale is ideal for you.

Floor screeding is a massive part of achieving a good quality, solid floor with no cracks or lumps. Screed is a cement like material that is applied to create a smooth, level surface – additional fibres can be added to minimise the chance of cracks appearing in the future.

Floor screed also plays a role in moisture control and bonding, it’s essential for creating a floor to be proud of.

No matter what concreting service you need, here at North West Ready Mix, we’re ready to help you with any upcoming project, no matter how big or small…

Remember to keep us in mind for any project that require concreting services in Rossendale!