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Ready Mix Concrete Stockport

Looking for quality concreting services to help you with an upcoming project? North West Ready Mix is here to help…

We have a range of concreting services to suit every size project, no matter how big or small. From domestic garden jobs to large industrial projects, we have a service to suit you. Ready mix concrete, barrow mix concrete and floor screeding are amongst our most popular services, offering a whole host of benefits to your concreting project.

From Colne to Preston, Bolton to Blackburn, we can deliver high quality concreting service in Stockport and loads of other areas in and around the north west.

Our ready mixed concrete is our most popular service, due to being so versatile. From garden paths to motorways, this concrete is suitable for loads of jobs. At North West Ready Mix, we’re firm believers in your only pay for what you lay, meaning we’re a company that’s pocket pleasing as well as environmentally friendly.

Concrete is delivered to your in our state of the art mixer, that only mixes the exact amount you need, meaning very little waste. The fact our concrete arrives as a dry mix allows many benefits, including the ability to add extra materials to the mix. For example, if your concrete needs to be extra tough, we can add reinforcing fibres to the mix, allowing your concrete extra durability to withstand heavy traffic during its lifetime.

Another benefit of ready mixed concrete arriving as a dry mix is it allows you extra time laying before the mix begins to set. This means you have extra time to smooth and perfect your concrete, minimising any lumps, bumps or imperfections.

Currently, we can deliver 10 cubic meters of concrete at one time, which is ideal for those planning larger projects. At North West Ready mix, we aim to help you get your job done as quickly and easily as possible, so if you’re in need of quality ready mixed concreting services in Stockport, look no further…

However, if you’re planning a job on a smaller scale, perhaps in a domestic area such as a back garden, our barrow mixed concrete service in Stockport is ideal. Barrow mixing has all the same benefits as our ready mixed concrete service, including; minimal waste, cost efficiency, the ability to add reinforcing materials and extra time laying.

At North West Ready Mix, we aim to be as helpful as possible with your concreting project. However, we currently only move barrow mixed concrete up to 50 metres and not up steep hills or gradients.

No matter where you are in the north west, we can deliver quality barrow mixed concrete in Stockport quickly and easily, allowing you to get finished as quickly as possible.

In order to finish your concrete to the highest standard, why not consider quality floor screeding in Stockport?

Floor screed is a mix of sand and cement, designed to smooth out even even concreted areas. Floor screed is also paramount in maintaining moisture control and preventing cracks happening in the future. As opposed to our competitors, we don’t offer pre-mixed screed in a bottle, we mix it on site for you, giving you extra time to perfect your screeding before it begins to set.

If you need help with floor screeding services in Stockport, look no further than North West Ready Mix for all your concreting needs.