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Ready Mix Concrete Wigan

In need of a good concreting service? Look no further than North West Ready Mix for the best concreting services in the north of England.

No matter where you are in the north west; from Cheshire to Yorkshire, we will go out of our way to deliver the best concreting service to you.

If you’re in need of ready mixed concreting services in Wigan, we are here to provide you with the best service possible. We have a wide range of concreting services available, including floor screeding, barrow mixing and ready mixed concrete; all of which have their own benefits.

Let’s start with ready mixed concrete – as our most popular service, ready mix concrete has a huge range of benefits. Whether you’re planning a large industrial project or a small household DIY job, this service will suit you.

Our ready mixed concrete is delivered to you in our state of the art mixer, which can deliver up to 10 cubic metres of concrete at once, allowing you to get your project underway as quickly as possible. What makes us stand out from our concreting competitors is the fact we deliver our concrete dry, so you only mix what you need, meaning minimal waste. At North West Ready Mix, we’re firm believers in you only pay for what you lay, allowing you to only pay for what you actually go on to use – kind to the pocket and to the environment.

Only paying for what concrete you lay isn’t the only benefit of dry mixed concrete, it also allows you to add extra materials to the mix. For example, if you need your concrete to be extra tough, maybe for an area that will receive heavy traffic during its life, you can add reinforcing fibres to the mix to ensure it’s extra strong.

However if you’re planning a smaller scale concreting project, why not try our barrow mixing services in Wigan?Barrow mixed concrete is great for small garden and household projects that can’t be reached by an industrial mixer. You will still receive all the perks of our ready mixed concrete, such as only paying for what you lay and being able to choose extra materials which go into your concrete, with the added benefit of having the concrete transported by our dedicated team in barrows to the site, avoiding mess and extra stress.

Another benefit of dry mixed concrete is the fact it gives you extra time to lay and perfect your concrete before it begins to set, a benefit most competitors don’t offer due to delivering the concrete pre mixed.

Ready mixed concrete and barrow mixed concrete services are both ideal for all projects no matter how big or small – but if you’re looking to perfect and extend the life of your concrete, why not look into our floor screeding service in Wigan?

Floor screed is a mix of sand and cement, ideal for smoothing and toughening up any concreted surface. Unlike many competitors, we mix our screed fresh on site, allowing you to have a choice in the ratio of the materials that go into your screed. It also allows you extra time to smooth your mix for the ultimate finished look.

No matter what concreting service you require, we can deliver to you at an unbeatable cost, guaranteeing the best service in the concreting industry. No matter how much or how little concrete you need, North West Ready Mix is here to help…