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Floor Screed

Screeding is an important factor when considering flooring; without it, you could end up with a lumpy and uneven subfloor – it’s a massive part in achieving a good-quality, solid base…

The concrete base of a floor uses poses problems, as it isn’t wise to apply floor finish directly to the base, this is where floor screed comes in. Screed is usually a cement like material that is applied to create a smooth, level surface; it’s paramount to creating an even floor.

Not only does screed make the floor surface even, it also plays a part in moisture control as well as bonding.

At North West Ready Mix, we go out of our way to provide the highest standard and quality floor screed in Lancashire. Like many of our ready mixed concreting services, we have a wide range of screeds to suit every application.

Although screed can be bought pre-mixed in bottles, the quality of Northwest Ready Mix screed is paramount to the rest.

What makes us stand out from competition is the fact we mix our screed on site as opposed to getting it pre mixed. The fact it’s freshly made on site to suit your needs has numerous benefits while maintaining being the highest standard material available; due to being mixed right there and then, it allows you to have the maximum amount of working time as possible – meaning your floors will be perfect!

As we mix it on site with you, you can also choose to add additional fibres depending on how strong you need your screed to be – polypropylene fibres reinforced screed, reducing the likelihood of it cracking in the future, so if your surface is hardwearing, then this service is paramount for you.

There are many elements to consider when thinking about screeding you floor; from thickness to moisture control and materials, a lot more goes into it that you think. The thickness and moisture control go hand in hand, as the thinker it is, the more likely water is likely to be trapped – and this can cause problems further down the line as sealants can be sensitive to it… That in mind, the optimum thickness for floor screed is between 30 and 70mm – so no matter how much you need, we’ll mix it there on site for you, and you’ll only pay for what you lay.

The materials used in screeding can also change between projects, as the cementitious material is made up of a ratio of sand and cement. The ratio fluctuates for each use, so no matter how much sand and cement you need in your screed, we can mix it to tailor your needs.

Not matter where you are in the North West, we can deliver floor screed in Lancashire, Greater Manchester and even North Cheshire. North West Ready mix aims to cater to everyone in and around the M65 area; providing the highest quality concreting services in Pendle, Burnley, Rossendale, Colne, Burnley, Blackburn, Clitheroe and more – if you’re slightly out of our reach, we’ll aim to cater for you needs.

But if you haven’t got to the screeding stage yet, and are still looking into a concreting solution for your floor, why not take a look at our range of ready mix concreting services; all of which are mixed on site and delivered in a way that suits you. Like screeding, you only pay for what you lay, so you wouldn’t be out of pocket with North West Ready Mix…

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