Concrete pump hire

Looking for concrete pump hire in Lancashire? North West Ready Mix is able to supply premium quality concrete exactly where you need it, even to the most difficult to access sites, and are the East Lancashire region's leading concrete pumping specialists.

We've built a reputation over 30 years for providing the highest quality concrete to commercial and domestic clients throughout the area, supported by excellent customer service, and at affordable prices.

Concrete pump hire
Schwing Stetter 35m3/h concrete pump for hire

Our highly trained operators understand the importance of ensuring consistency, particularly when multiple batches need to be prepared, and as such the concrete products we supply are freshly prepared on site using our state-of-the-art volumetric mixer. The high quality raw materials we use satisfy all relevant British and European standards.

Pouring concrete is often considered one of the most daunting aspects of any construction project. This is understandable as a badly poured slab will undoubtedly cause problems down the line, but with North West Ready Mix on the job you can rest easy. Our team will be on hand to help ensure the pour goes smoothly, irrespective of conditions on site.

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Advantages of our concrete pumping service

  • Quicker, less labour intensive and more cost effective than using a wheelbarrow to transport concrete.
  • Can reach difficult to access areas of your site, including on different levels and through or inside buildings.
  • Faster process ensures a more consistent pour and a stronger slab.
  • Concrete can be pumped at around 1m3 per minute.
  • Use of a pump ensures a more precise pour compared to barrowing or other methods.

Why ground line pumping?

We’ve found that ground line concrete pumping is the most versatile and cost effective method of pumping concrete for the majority of our customers. This is largely due to the conditions we typically encounter on site, where a boom pump wouldn’t be appropriate and using a wheelbarrow would be too time consuming, or in some cases not possible due to difficult access.

A ground line pump is a hose or series of pipes attached to a hydraulic pump that can quickly transport concrete to areas 150+ metres from the mixer, through narrow entrances and into buildings if necessary. Line pumps can reach higher (or lower) areas by being placed on ramps, albeit they can’t reach over buildings or other structures to the extent that is possible with use of a boom pump.

Our ground line pumps can supply around 1m3 of concrete per minute and the pour can be extremely precise, ideal for use on challenging sites or where the accurate positioning of product is important.

Choosing the right mix for concrete pumping

Our volumetric mixers are able to supply a diverse range of mixes suited to various applications, from kerb bedding (C7/8) and shed slabs (C15) right through to heavy-duty commercial hard standings (C35-40).

However, our concrete pumping service depends on the modification of our standard mixes to ensure effective flow of the product. We call this a “pump mix” and our skilled operators are able to work with you to ensure that you receive the mix you require, expertly delivered via our ground line pumping equipment.

Please contact us so that our team can advise you on which products would be most appropriate to suit the requirements of your project.

Pump mix flowing freely through pipe
Pump mix delivered to domestic site

Concrete pump hire near me

Based just off the M65 motorway in Burnley, we offer concrete pump rental services throughout the East Lancashire region, including in Accrington, Barrowford, Blackburn, Brierfield, Clitheroe, Colne, Great Harwood, Hapton, Nelson, Padiham, Rawtenstall, Rishton, Todmorden and Whalley.

Whether you need just 1m3 of concrete for a shed base or several hundred cubes for a larger scale commercial, industrial or agricultural project, we're the concrete pumping specialists you can trust. Much of our work is generated through recommendations or word of mouth, and our online reviews speak for themselves.

Aggregate supplier

We offer a wide range of building and decorative aggregates to domestic and commercial customers throughout the North West region, and have built a reputation for providing high quality products at affordable prices, supported by excellent customer service.

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