Interlocking concrete blocks


We are unable to supply interlocking concrete blocks until further notice. Please contact us for more details.

We offer interlocking concrete blocks in various sizes, from 600mm x 600mm square blocks through to two tonne, 1800mm x 600mm blocks.

Manufactured at our facility in Burnley, our interlocking retaining wall blocks are extremely versatile and are suited to use in a variety of contexts, including in agriculture and industry.

What are interlocking concrete blocks?

Interlocking concrete blocks are pre-cast from poured concrete with 'male' projections and 'female' depressions, allowing them to fit tightly together and remain stable without the use of a bonding agent. Mortar can be used if additional strength is required but when placed on a level base, the sheer weight of the blocks is generally sufficient to ensure stability.

Our concrete blocks feature built-in steel lifting pins or casting bars. This allows easy attachment to a lifting clutch fitted to a forklift or telehandler, ensuring that the process of positioning the blocks is straight-forward even with basic equipment.

Concrete Lego blocks
1800 x 600mm (1.8 tonne) interlocking concrete blocks

What are interlocking concrete blocks used for?

Due to their cost effectiveness and how simple they are to install, concrete blocks are most frequently used to construct temporary or retaining walls, but have a variety of other uses, including:

  • Retaining and pendine walls
  • Blast and fire break walls
  • Silage clamps
  • Material storage bay walls
  • Temporary structures
  • Block wall flood defence
  • Cofferdams
  • Coastal erosion prevention
  • Traffic management barricades
  • Concrete counterweights

What are the benefits of interlocking concrete blocks?

  • Easy to lift and position with basic lifting equipment due to built-in lifting pins.
  • No need for mortar or other bonding agent due to 'male' and 'female' connectors ensuring stability.
  • Quick to install with non-specialist labour, ideal for time-sensitive projects.
  • Affordable due to simple design and ease of installation.
  • Extremely durable and weather resistant—will last many years exposed to the elements.
  • Structurally stable when placed on a flat, well-prepared surface.

How do I use interlocking concrete blocks?

Whilst our interlocking retaining wall blocks are extremely straightforward to install using basic equipment and non-specialist labour, it's still important that you ensure that the site is suitable and that you have the means to safely lift the blocks.

Concrete blocks must be placed on a flat foundation with a tolerance of approximately 5mm. This can be in the form of a concrete raft, slab or strip foundation, or a consolidated MOT type 1 stone foundation.

Built-in steel lifting pins or casting bars allow the attachment of a lifting clutch, which makes it simple to lift the blocks with basic lifting equipment such as a forklift or telehandler. Prior to lifting it's important to make sure the concrete block does not exceed your equipment's maximum lift capacity.

Pumped concrete

If you require precise placement of concrete, are working on a difficult to access site or if time is of the essence, our ground line pumping service is the most cost-effective way to quickly get our premium quality concrete exactly where you need it.

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